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iroha mini makes it's debut!

We are thrilled to announce our sister brand iroha has released their latest product - the "iroha mini"!
Created by women, for women, iroha is a brand of intimate pleasure items for women from the TENGA company, set to Redefine Pleasure as a part of natural self-care.
The "iroha mini" are small, cute, waterproof and strong battery powered vibrators that you can take anywhere!

Find out more about iroha and iroha mini by clicking here!


Say hi to VI-BO! TENGA's first Couple's Vibrators!

TENGA Co., Ltd. are proud to announce the launch of VI-BO!
VI-BO products are a series of items to be used to add a touch of fun in the bedroom, built around a core vibrating orb!
Check out the product pages for further information!


TENGA Deep Throat CUP has become the Original Vacuum CUP!

To all TENGA fans we hereby announce the name change of our beloved TOC-101 from Deep Throat CUP to Original Vacuum CUP. Through this change we hope to further express our ideology that masturbation and sex are not the same, and masturbation has its own great, pleasurable and original sensations that anyone can enjoy, without fear of taboo or stigma. The internal structure, materials, design and experience are still the same and as fantastic as ever!


Limited Edition for Summer! TENGA COOL CUPs Now on Sale!

Beat the heat this summer with these COOLing TENGA CUPs! Limited Edition for the hot season with menthol-infused lubricant, these CUPs provide soothing, cool sensations along with the same great stimulation of the TENGA CUPs! Available in Deep Throat CUP and Soft Tube CUP varieties, these are out now in select retailers around the world! For information on where you can get your hands on a COOL CUP, contact us here.


TENGA Awards Two Young Scientists Research Grants

In partnership with the Leave a Nest, TENGA Co., Ltd. offered a grant for one researcher to facilitate development of science and technology, with a focus on sexuality and sexual science. These grants are part of Leave a Nest's "Young Scientists Encouragement Project" aim to encourage young thinkers and aspiring scientists to rise and develop their ideas.

Through thorough screening both through documentation and face-to-face interviews, two separate projects were in the running, both to such a high degree that TENGA has decided that it will provide both of these young scientists with a grant.

First, a project on using Substitutional Reality Technology to assess the effects on the human brain from entertainment contents using SR Technology. The second focuses on creating a simulator of the AIDS virus to more easily record how the virus reacts to varying situations, aiming to shed light on more effective treatment.

From all of us here at TENGA we wish both of these upcoming minds the very best in their research - keep an eye out right here for future updates!

Link to original Japanese article here


Introducing iroha – Pleasure Items for Women by TENGA!

We are thrilled today to announce the release of our first ever brand for women – iroha!

We’ve always thought that modern, clean designs are vital to our products, and the iroha brand amps this up with a stylish Japanese twist, with their “Wa-modern” designs similar to traditional Japanese confectionary. Featuring a unique “Soft Touch” material that provides a supple texture that is kind to the touch, the iroha products are a line of luxury massagers, with multiple vibration strengths, functional storage-case-charger and three variations of design that each provide for a different method of use.

From Left: The snowman-shaped YUKI, rounded MIDORI and indented SAKURA.

We are thrilled today to announce the release of our first ever brand for women – iroha!

These items will be the first of an entire brand, with future products to take into account the varying tastes of women and their toys around the world! We look forward to bringing you further information as it is released on the iroha brand’s website! We’re set for release in Japan on March 3rd, with a global release set for April. For distributor information, or to request interviews with the female team who created the brand, as well as request samples of products for media review, please contact us or visit the website at:

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