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TENGA Athletes Portal Site Now Online!

TENGA is proud to announce the opening of our portal site for TENGA Atheltes! This page will bring you some sweet new videos of cross-collaborations with some of TENGA's Sponsored Athletes. Have you ever seen a BMX video promoting a sex toy? Or at least one so cool? Check out our first two installments with Ucchie and Viki Gomez right here!


U.S. Double Hole CUP Out Now!

The TENGA U.S. (UltraSize) CUP Series has a new friend!
The U.S. Double Hole CUP offers a larger version of the Regular Double Hole CUP to provide you a sensation of deeper double-stimulation!
Try each side separately to savor the experience, or use both in one sitting to enjoy the dynamic differences between the two separate internal canals!

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