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What is TENGA?

TENGA products are all new masturbation tools. They're Onacups (Onanism cups) designed to bring you never-before-experienced sensations.

Where does TENGA come from?

TENGA is made and designed in Japan by Tenga Co., Ltd.

Who is TENGA suitable for?

It’s suitable for men age 18 and over, of any sexual condition or preference. TENGA is also a good tool to improve the sexual quality; for example to control premature ejaculation. Women can also buy this product for their husbands or boyfriends when they cannot or don’t want to have sex. TENGA is a funny and original gift for all casual occasions.

How many times can TENGA be used?

All TENGA ONACUP series and EGG series have been designed solely with your enjoyment and hygiene in mind as a once use disposable product. However, people who do use ONACUPs or EGGs multiple times do so 1) without internal ejaculation 2) using a condom and 3) thorough washing after use. However, due to the nature the product is intended for, we will not be held accountable for any trouble or loss from improper use. We have a range of FLIP HOLE products that can be used more than 50 times for those who seek repeated use.

How should TENGA be kept and treated?

Store at room temperature well away from any extreme heat or cold and out of direct sunlight.

What is the lubrication in TENGA made from?

The lubrication consists of purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxy ethanol, and paraben. It has been tested and certified for its use in the European Union by the laboratory: Intertek Labtest.

Is it safe to drink the lotions?

Please note that this product is meant to be used externally only. Please do not drink.

How long will it last once the cup has been opened?

Once the seal is broken and the cap is off, please use TENGA as soon as possible. There is a possibility that the air inside the cup may cause the lubrication inside to dry up.

Can TENGA be washed and reused for other purposes?

Please note that all current TENGA, apart from FLIP HOLE, are for one time use only and should not be used for other properties.

How do I use TENGA?

Tear off the shrink film and take off the cap
Take off the air-hole seal
Insert your penis into the lubricated hole
Move the cup up and down. If it’s DEEP THROAT CUP, you can change the strength of vacuum by pressing (and releasing) the air-hole. If it’s any of the SOFT EDITION CUP, you can rub, knead and grip the tube and feel the pressure of your own hand. If it’s ROLLING HEAD CUP, you can stimulate the top of your penis by rolling. If it’s DOUBLE HOLE CUP, you can enjoy different types of hole in a cup. If it’s AIR CUSHION CUP, you can enjoy the difference in pressure and vacuum by releasing (or pressing) its air-hole.

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